SMS Token


You have reached This is my personal website, primarily used to store information related to my work. If you find any of it useful feel free to use it.

The site contains the latest version of SMS Token for Citrix Web Interface, Citrix Secure Gateway and Access Gateway. You can download binaries, source code and documentation from the SMS Token page.

This is not a frequently updated site. It is primarily a repository of (hopefully) useful content for search engines to index.



  • 17.08.2017 Working on Windows 2016 Two factor authentication solution
  • 07.10.2015 Updated Windows 2012 R2 Two factor authentication solution
  • 13.04.2015 SMS Token for Windows 2012 R2 RD Gateway
  • 30.11.2013 Commandline tool project for Citrix Sharefile
  • 06.08.2013 Two factor solution for RD Web/Gateway
  • 19.11.2012 Website moved to new server
  • 12.11.2012 SMS token & Pin Token updated
  • 16.09.2012 CICRadarR Project uploaded
  • 09.09.2012 Completed guide for SmsService